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"I'm really excited by the polished potential of a main-stayer" 

- Sophie Hallwright, Sony Music Australia

"A timeless voice" 

- Du0, Artist/Producer

"A linguistic playfulness, a tonal elasticity, a soulful presence" 

- Sam Rodgers, The Brag

"Every now and then you find an artist that knows where they're heading. Fleur De Mur is one of them"

- Annie Parks, Producer 

Fleur De Mur is the unapologetic modern disco-queen we need right now. Returned from the nostalgic glow of a 70’s record cover - where sequined women rose truthful voices to the forefront of a changing world - Fleur unites the old and the new, bringing a distinctly modernized electronic breath of fresh air to the glittery grooves that raised an empowered generation. 


Fleur De Mur offers a uniquely genre-bending sound, led by a deeply unapologetic powerhouse vocal that dares to challenge notions of love and life in a raw yet mighty way. Lead single from the upcoming Metamor-for-this EP ‘I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love’ vehemently rejects modern romanticism, stating “falling (in love) is too accidental for something so monumental, I’d rather step in slowly right then left that way I can remember me” 


It is Fleur’s background as a poet that crafts the basis for her nuanced lyricism. Messages of self-discovery and personal power are carefully weaved together with driving bass lines and catchy melodies to fill dancefloors with poignant questions for society to ponder “if you’re not really here...then neither am I?”  from lead single ‘Neither Am I,’ taps into the human consciousness beyond the existence of the physical. 


Fleur is a dynamic and spiritual artist, "It’s not just’s storytelling, it’s art. It’s an opportunity to refract life and love back at the world in a way that highlights the interconnectivity and majesty of existence. In reflecting my own experience, I am holding a mirror for others to recognise themselves. It all comes back to connection really.” 


It may be a first time release for Fleur De Mur, but it’s been countless lifetimes lived as different people, slowly collecting stories to channel into her music. A writer, a broadcaster, a commentator and a carer have added up to Fleur standing exactly where she is meant to be standing. Right here. Right now. 


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