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Short Bio

Fleur De Mur is the unapologetic modern disco-queen we need right now. Returned from the nostalgic glow of a 70’s record cover - where sequined women rose truthful voices to the forefront of a changing world - Fleur unites the old and the new, bringing a distinctly modernized electronic breath of fresh air to the glittery grooves that raised an empowered generation. 


Fleur De Mur offers a uniquely genre-bending sound, led by a deeply unapologetic powerhouse vocal that dares to challenge notions of love and life in a raw yet mighty way. 

It may be a first time release for Fleur De Mur, but it’s been countless lifetimes lived as different people, slowly collecting stories to channel into her music. A writer, a broadcaster, a commentator and a carer have added up to Fleur standing exactly where she is meant to be standing. Right here. Right now. 


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